Avon Ipad Incentive

Avon is having an incentive where you can win a free ipad mini or ipad air with retina display for your recruiting efforts.

This is going to be happening between campaigns 23-26. When you bring 6 people into the business and they all place an on time order of $50 or more (in book sales) then you will receive the mini ipad air. If you bring in 8 people with the same qualifications then you will get the larger ipad air with retina display.

This is a very nice incentives. Avon has been giving away a lot of great stuff lately. Just not too long ago there was a keurig incentive.

So are you going to go for the ipad?! I definitely am. I have nothing to lose and so much to gain because you have to keep the jump start program in mind. For every person you bring in you’ll earn a $25 check if they follow the requirements.

So not only do you earn the ipad, you can get multiple checks and earn tons of money, not matter what level your at in Avon. And if you advance to another leadership level you’ll get bonus checks and nested representatives or leads. So the whole thing is a win-win situation.

I know I have my goals in place. Make sure you make your plan, and always believe in yourself. It won’t be easy– but it’ll be worth it.

Leave a comment below about what you feel about he avon ipad incentive.

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Argena Olivis

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