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There is tons of information that will help you to have a successful Avon business. These steps will take you through where to start one the website.

Step 1: Subscribe

You can start by subscribing to my newsletter where I give you tips on how to increase sales and recruits. You’ll also receive free printables! Click here to get your free gift.

Step 2: New Reps

Did just join Avon? If so, start our new rep training right away. Click here to start. If you’ve been with Avon for a while, skip this step and go to step 3.

Step 3: More Information

Looking for ways to get more customers and recruits? Start reading our many tutorials on how to do just that.

10 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Gwendolyn Goodman

    when you only run your Avon business online do you still order brochures? If you do, what all do you put with it before you toss them?

    1. Argena Post author

      Gwendolyn, I no longer purchase brochures. When someone orders from me online I send them a book through campaign mailer (

        1. Argena Post author

          Hey Ana,

          No need to order the brochures from Avon. They have their own brochures they mail out to your customers.

  2. Hilda rivera

    I want to ask you where I can get print outs of the little papers that tell you that you want to sell avon but don’t know who to ask….

  3. Tony Brown

    Hi!! Can I sell Avon online first before talking to people face to face. How much will I need to pay to get started. How much will it cost me to get a web page with Avon. How much items you get to sell

  4. anthony nunez

    Hello Miss Nibblets, I just became an Avon representative. I saw a video you posted on youTube on how to make a clickable brochure site. I would like to create a website to do just that. Are you able to send me some instructions on how to create a site using wordpress?

  5. Bonnie Graves

    I have been selling for several years and have a full time job. I am preparing to retire and I want to be able to use online selling more. Can you give me some pointer on how to start that process. I use facebook, I also have a Avon face book page. Learning how to post brochures but not sure how to get people to go to my page or attract new people. Should I connect with google plus or something so when someone looks for Avon my name would appear


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