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Provided below is extra training that you can use in your AVON business. This includes multiple resources you can use and study. Its very important to  invest in yourself and find as much information as possible in order to succeed.

Do research and utilize all the tools you can. Learn from the greatest leaders and mentors even if they’re not one of your business partners. Invest in yourself and your business.

How To Do Avon Events
How to find schedule and do an Avon event successfully.

Unique Avon Book Idea
DIY Avon goodie bags for your customers. How to make your books presentable.

How To Get Local Avon Customers
Ways to find local customers so you can gain some traction in your area.

What You Need to Do an Avon Table Event
The materials you need to prepare and bring with you if you are going to do an event.

Avon Business Cards
Avon cards review from Vista Print. What information and what design that was used for my business cards.

How To Forward Your Avon Domain
How to get a new domain name for your store different from the one Avon provided to you.

How To Create Your Own Avon Blog
How to create an Avon website to promote your Avon business and online store.

Avon Inventory
The benefits of having inventory and selling products on hand.

Job Fairs
Find out what to bring and what to say at a job fair. Job fairs are a great way to increase your downline.

 Business Appreciation
How to do a do a business appreciation to grow your customer base.

Ways To Advertise Your Avon Business
Tons of great ideas on how to market your Avon business.

Avon Fundraising
Some tips and experiences with doing Avon fundraising.

Avon Magic Bus
The magic bus comes around to different cities around the US with the purpose of getting new people to join Avon.

How To Create A Clickable Brochure For Your Avon Website
Learn how to jazz up your Avon e-store by adding an image of a brochure.

Make Your Avon Business More Passive
How to create systems in your Avon business to leverage your time and grow your business online.

 Avon Table Set Up
How to set up a table for different events.

Investing In Knowledge
Learn the importance of investing in yourself  and your business financially.

How To Organize Your Avon Office
Tips on how to make your office a more organized place.

Avon Samples
Find out which Avon samples are best.

Places To Drop Books
List of places to drop Avon books.

How To Find Avon Events
How to search for and find places to do Avon events.

How To Plan An Avon Party
How to map out and get prepared for your Avon party.

Income Producing Activities
Find out what activities you should be working on in your business daily.

How To Talk To Potential Customers
When you’re out running errands, learn how to approach prospects with these methods.

Hiring An Assistant
Discover the benefits of hiring an assistant.

How To Follow Up With Avon Customers
Learn how to follow up with your current customers to increase your sales.

How To Get Prospects At Events
Learn how to maximize your events.

Ways To Advertise Your Avon Business
List of ways to get your name out there.

Creating Your Customer List
Learn the importance of a customer list and how to stay organized.

My First Avon Party
Footage from my first Avon party and lessons learned.

How To Sell More Avon
Conference call on how to make more money with Avon.

Asking For Prospects Contact Info
Learn how to approach people about Avon.

Learn how to create coupons for your customers.

Avon Goodie Bags
How to make goodie bags/gift baskets.

Avon Party Invitations
How to make avon invites for your party.

How to get Avon customer referrals


If you’re new to Avon these articles can help guide you. They include things that new reps should know and step by step training.

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  1. Stephanie Wallace

    I’m new Avon Representative. I started January 24,2016. Can anybody help me promote my Avon website. Give me any hint?


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