New Avon Representative Training

New Avon Representative Training

The resources provided below are for new representatives who may need some guidance when just starting off.

Brand New Representative How To
Find out what to do when you first join Avon and the first steps you can take to give your business a great start.

How Much Do Money Do You Make Selling Avon? 
Avon earnings chart that shows how much commission you get when you sell products.

How To Place An Avon Order 
How to put in a customer order on line at

After Getting Your First Order
 How to bag your new orders, what to add to their orders, and how to do customer invoicing.

Understanding The Avon Credit Limit
Your credit limit with Avon, how many products Avon will send to you without payment.

What’s Included In The Avon Appointment Kit 
What is provided in the Avon stater kit you get when you first sign up.

How To Sign Up For Avon Online
Instructions on how to join Avon online and receive your appointment kit.


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