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These 6 Printables Will Change Your Avon Business

Grab my 6 best printables to increase your Avon sales and conversions.

Printable #1: Avon Party Shopping List

Get the complete shopping list to find out exactly what you’ll need to host your Avon party.

Printable #2: Sample Pack Checklist

Find out exactly what to put in your sample packs to make them appealing to prospects.

Printable #3: Customer List

Keep track of who you’ve given books to each campaign using this organized check list.

Printable #4: Prospect Survey for Vendor Shows

Use this survey at vendor shows to collect a leads information.

Printable #5: Scripts

Access to the best scripts that you can use to follow up with your customers.

Printable #6: Raffle

Use these raffle forms so prospects can enter to win a contest you may be having.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting, get your printables now!



Always wishing you the best,

Argena Olivis

Argena Olivis



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  1. gwendolyn

    step by step how to post a coupon on website and face book. how to post your book on your web page more information on a on line store if you have it.


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