The following are products that I’ve created or ones I recommend. I have used or am currently using all of these products. I would never recommend a product I didn’t use.

Website/Blogging Tools


Aweber is an email marketing software company that allows me to collect leads and customers emails. I use this to market different products to customers, which in turn increases my sales.

I like that with Aweber you can set up autoresponders so you don’t have to actually be there when to send email out. It’s a very passive process. You can also create different email lists for different projects you’re working on.


Bluehost is the service I use to host my wordpress websites, this one being an example. I like Bluehost because they have great customer service and it’s a trustworthy and reputable company. FREE BONUS VIDEO on how to create and set up your WordPress website.

If you buy Bluehost through the website  you’ll get my FREE course on how to set up and promote your website when you email your receipt to


Go Pro by Eric Worre

I love this book. It taught me so much. It’s a quick read and it truly simplifies the recruiting process.

A View From The Top

I read both of these books and got a lot of tips from them both. These books are about AVON senior executive unit leaders and their journey to achieving their titles. The only thing is, I wish they had more information about how to actually get out there and do the work using their strategies. A lot of this is about their life stories, which is nice, but I’m a take action type of person who wants strategies and methods.









***Affiliate Disclaimer: I do earn a small commission if you purchase any of these products through these links. ***

One thought on “Products

  1. JoAnne

    I haven’t had a chance to review the book yet. I promise, it is on the top of my agenda. There are many things that you’re doing that I want to emulate, so please know that your information is of the utmost importance to me, Argena. Thank you again, for your kind generosity. I will let you know (I know with great praise) once I’ve had a chance to review the download, meanwhile, thank you for all you do.


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